David Wildish
Founder and CEO

David Wildish

“I am passionate about our role in this industry, as we balance intellect, heart and gut instinct to produce the most important asset for a family.” – David Wildish.

Whilst technology has been a focus in previous roles, it’s the interaction with people that David is passionate about. Successful in a diverse range of enterprises he finds working in the eco-friendly, energy smart housing field particularly engaging.

Working with clients and taking their aspirations for a new home through to fruition is an emotional as well as physical and intellectual process.

Home Design Team

Jobst Engl

Jobst Engl

Jobst Engl has completed over a hundred dwellings and multiple urban planning projects and renovations. He has received awards for renovations of heritage buildings in Germany, which is a noted accomplishment.

Since his arrival in New Zealand ten years ago, he has been involved in urban planning with the architectural department of the University of Auckland and various renovations and new builds.

Jobst is partnering with Catalyst Homes on an increasing number of projects, all eco-friendly bespoke homes, which is where his true passion lies. Catalyst Homes will be utilizing pre-construction methodologies, which is where Jobst has experience both in Germany and New Zealand. All his homes will be targeted at achieving at least a “7 Homestar” rating.

Recent projects are involving Passive House design principles focusing on an integral approach to maximise an efficient and comfortable home which involves pre-fabrication and a focus on innovative and sustainable building materials. Truly sustainable design implies for Jobst the use of intelligent technology, eco-friendly construction methods and the use of environmentally friendly energy resources, leading to a location specific architecture by responding to local climate conditions and locally sourced materials whenever possible. For him sustainable architecture really means choosing how we want to sustain life in the future.

Philip Guy

Philip Guy

Philip Guy BA. DipArch registered architect

Philip Guy is a New Zealand registered architect who originally graduated at Canterbury School of Architecture in England. He has over thirty years experience in commercial and residential design in the UK, Germany and New Zealand. He employs a collaborative approach to design where you bring your ideas and vision. He then undertakes a through site analysis. This will establish the best aspect as regards passive solar heating, micro climate and views. He will then synthesize these opportunities with his and your ideas to produce a plan. We would then work together to select appropriate materials and design elements to create a unique design for you. The whole process is a journey we undertake together with the aim of creating something very special which is your home.

Eric Abba
Architectural Designer

Eric Abba

Passionate about residential architecture and the opportunity to design according to clients’ personalities and needs, Eric also completed his Master of Architecture (Prof) specialising in the incorporation of sustainable practices. His focus was particularly on the accessibility of healthy, sustainable materials and design philosophies for all levels of residential architecture.

A registered Homestar Practitioner, Eric has continued to explore new technologies and philosophies which may improve the quality and performance of his design, whilst achieving the key targets required to achieve consistently high Homestar ratings.

We catalyse a hand-picked team to create your dream home design. We combine the optimum team to deliver your new home build project smoothly.

The team will include:

  • Catalyst Homes Project Director
  • Architect
  • Builder
  • Project manager
  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Surveyor

And may include:

  • Specialist technical consultant
  • Structural Engineer
  • Planner
  • Landscape designer
  • Interior designer

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