The Superhome Movement participants and supporters are dedicated to helping you get…

New Homes that will… Live Better, be Loved More, use Less Energy, be Affordable, and Last Longer!

Catalyst Homes becomes the first member of the Superhome Movement in the Auckland region

The Superhome Movement is gathering the very best in learning, products, and expertise to help you get a much better new house for your money.  Our specific goal is to help  at least 1,000 new homeowners to build their Superhome in the next three years. These homes could be 50 metres square. They could be 480 metres square.  No matter – they will be built to a much higher design and performance standard than they would have been otherwise.

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Canterbury Build


Every step of the design & construction process is considered carefully to maximise energy efficiency, achieving a healthy & environmentally sound home
Our main focus is the use of sustainable, natural and locally sourced products
Taking advantage of passive energy with clever orientation. High insulation values and airtightness to utilize the passive solar gains.

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Cutting-edge innovations, providing the most comfortable living environment with the best performance, that require only very minimal maintenance.
The design uses full height windows and a number of natural materials in the construction including cedar and ply.

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Non toxic materials used, neutral to allergies. Doesn’t attract or harbour mould or bacteria. Low maintenance building materials used and easy care landscape garden.

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Healthier – warm and comfortable all year around. Air is changed and filtered continuously, allowing you and your family to breath fresh, clean, quality air 24/7
Insulated panel system creates a mould free hypoallergenic environment perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers.
Our unique designs feature carefully planned, efficient spaces built with comfort in mind. Draft proof, healthy and energy efficient!


Affordability is not just about cheap houses, it’s about the ongoing running costs. This home is the perfect demonstration of what’s achievable – zero power bills!
Seamless integration with the outside decked area allows an abundance of natural light, giving the illusion of space

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