Experienced German Eco-Architect Joins Catalyst Homes

Jobst Engl, an eco-architect resident in NZ for 5 years has joined the Catalyst Homes Team. With over 100 eco homes completed in Germany, Jobst and his family moved to NZ and is now using his experience to design outstanding homes for Kiwis . With his depth of experience in “Passive house” construction, as well as European prefabrication methods combined with his love for NZ and its environment Jobst is focused on producing energy-smart homes that his clients will love.

Deploying the optimum commination of “Passive House ” and/or “Passive solar” design depending on the site and the client brief, Jobst listens carefully to all the requests of his clients resulting in a unique and delightful home for each family he works with.

Jobst Engl

Catalyst homes are very pleased to have Jobst on board as his experience in eco-architecture and importantly pre-fabrication, is essential to developing a viable and sustainable offering in the New Zealand market