Speed of Construction



David Wildish, Founder of Catalyst Homes, is super-excited and strongly in favour of system built construction. Our architects are adopting this system, as there are countless benefits to using it. We are not talking about the joy of using it like a “big boys Mecchano set for architects and builders.” We are talking about the fact that it has many values, such as sustainability, accuracy, speed of construction, cost efficiency, durability and strength. This fast, simple, cost effective and sustainable solution for building is being incorporated into many Catalyst Homes design and build projects. Modular building construction is a very cost effective and timely option for quality production.

  1. Speed, efficiency and Ease of construction – It can be transported in kits or flat packed. These building components are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities at the same time as site preparation is undertaken, saving time and money. By employing an accelerated production method, the building can be constructed quickly and eliminates bottlenecks and site-related delays. Weather delays are no longer a factor with modular construction, so contractors are able to complete daily build goals and easily avoid setbacks that are common with onsite construction. The simple pile foundations with minimal concrete, means that setting out time is reduced, which further helps the speed and ease of construction.

  2. Self-locating and supporting during construction – modular construction allows for the building and the site work to be completed simultaneously. This eliminates the necessity to make, hire or build temporary supportive materials and structures. This can also reduce the overall completion schedule.

  3. Simple bolt together connections – These connections are invisible and fully engineered to take all directional and lateral loads. The connections achieves clear spans of up to 6 meters in length. This eliminates the necessity for load bearing walls. To add to this simplicity, there are built in service voids within the beams, and under floor access makes electrical and plumbing work simple and efficient.

  4. Reduces Construction waste, labour and is clutter free – the posts and beams come ready to be installed, thereby there is no building waste materials. It also reduces ground preparation, earthworks and fill.

  5. Future proofed through the ease of internal layout changes or the simplicity of doing future additions – Although modular buildings are not moveable, modules can be more easily disassembled and relocated or remodelled for reuse. Not only is modular construction good for creating structures from scratch, but it is also great for expanding or adding to an existing building. This can help to make renovations far easier.

  6. Cost effective – Modular buildings save money because of reduced labour and material cost savings. Off site preparation of the product maximises labour efforts and quality while minimising material purchases and waste.

  7. Energy efficient – Because modular construction facilities take advantage of production repetition common with assembly line manufacturing, the modular building process uses less energy than traditional construction. With good planning, you can also decrease the amount of vehicles and equipment needed at the construction site. It can also be safer for workers, since most of the work is done off-site. There is less risk of accidents, environmental hazards, and other liabilities. Materials are also kept safe so less likelihood of vandalism or theft.

  8. Visual Elegance – The post and beam structure forms rhythms and patterns whist defining space and rooms. LVL, which is Laminated Veneer Lumber, is the product of choice for the Ecofast System, and is also visually appealing. The posts are cold pressed together, which also creates a pleasing effect.

In conclusion, if you team with our brilliantly talented architects, designers and builders, you can not only have a myriad of design options for your modular structure, but also have these 8 benefits of a modular frame construction system.