Create your dream home utilising energy efficiency technology, modular pre-fab construction and the natural benefits of your location.

Our architects and designers will create a completely customised, energy smart, 6+ HomestarTM rated house design especially for you. Catalyst Homes employ modular European technology and pre-fabrication methodology to maximise dimensional accuracy, minimise building timelines and to get the most for your budget.

Catalyst Homes build beautiful modern eco houses that are designed specifically to provide Kiwi families with warm, healthy, energy efficient homes that utilise best practise sustainable architecture. We will work with you on a blank canvas to create a house design for a home that suits your living style, your family’s requirements and is a delight to live in.

We’ll listen to your ideas and create a beautiful modern home design together

Our clients have a wide range of tastes, budgets, requirements and preferences. We celebrate diversity and love to engage with very different house design and build projects. That’s why we have a select group of skilled architects and designers that bring different design styles to the Catalyst Homes range.

It is essential that we communicate openly about all facets of the design and build process. We will listen carefully to what you ask for, add our experienced advice and share our recommendations with you. Focusing on sustainable architecture and eco houses and using advanced modular and prefab building techniques mean that our creativity has very few limitations!

From the initial sketch design through to complete house plans, elevations and 3D renders, you can explore all aspects of the home. We will ensure you have plenty of information and that considerations of feel, functionality, performance and budget are all taken into account.

Bring any ideas you have along, and we will explore together just how innovative and creative we can get.

Once you are completely happy with your customised house plans, and have made your choice of finishes, specifications and energy efficiency technology, building of your beautiful, warm, new home will commence.

We will take you through the design and build process smoothly and with every opportunity to collaborate. Our aim is that you love living in your Catalyst Home because it really suits your lifestyle in every way.

Energy efficient eco homes with modular pre-fab construction

Our range of Catalyst Homes energy smart, 6+ HomestarTM rated house designs utilise modular European technology and pre-fabrication methodology to maximise dimensional accuracy, minimise building timelines and maximise cost efficiency.

These house plans are eco houses specifically designed to create energy efficient homes employing best practise sustainable architecture to provide warm healthy homes.

Your choice of personalisation with Catalyst Homes house plans

If you want to use one of our Ready-To-Build plans as a starting point to create your own design, check out the Tailored House Plans range. Or, if you want to pick a house plan that we can begin work on right away, have a look at our Ready-To-Build House Plans.

Call today for a chat about the home that inspires you, and we’ll be happy to discuss in person.