ECOFAST is a patented, contemporary construction application inspired by the traditional post, beam and peg building system called half-timbering that has been used successfully throughout human history.
Half-timbering refers to a structure with a frame of load bearing timber – it is this frame that provides its inherent strength and design flexibility.
First developed by the Romans, half timbering became the dominant and proven building system used during many periods in civilizations as diverse as Ancient Japan, Continental Europe and Neolithic Denmark, England France and Germany.

The historical values and benefits of this process are many, varied and proven over time spanning centuries.
However, these values have never been more applicable than today.

■ Sustainability
■ Strength
■ Speed of construction
■ Cost efficiency
■ Durability


■ Speed and ease of construction
■ Self-locating and supporting during construction
■ Simple bolt connectors
■ Built in service voids within the beams
■ Simple roof beam connections for portals
■ Simple pile foundations with minimal concrete & setting out time

ECOFAST Systems modular frame provides a fast, simple, cost efficient & sustainable solution for either, ground floor only foundation platforms, as well as whole house & multi unit portal options.
Achieving clear spans of anything up to, and including 6 meter’s in length, whilst utilizing the same simple bi-directional connection system ECOFAST Systems modular frame addresses and resolves many of the key difficulties encountered in timber frame construction.

The ECOFAST Modular frame System, due to its unique, simple & innovative connection methods is an extremely fast and efficient way to construct either ground floor foundation platforms or full portal multi story units.
Its versatility in both dealing with difficult site conditions, due to its clear span capabilities & minimal foundation footprint, combined with its design flexibility results in a truly stand alone solution for timber frame construction.
Combined with that ECOFAST Modular frame system offers a unique platform for other existing timber technologies and products, such as engineered I beams and CLT panels, to be utilized in a broader market place.