This range of stunning modern home designs is ready to go. Simply choose from our range of ready-to-build house plans!

With your house plans sorted, the design process has been taken care of and all you need to do is make a few simple choices of finishes and colours – and you are on your way to a beautiful, warm, new home.

Our Ready-To-Build range is pre-designed, specified and priced – so you can be confident that you will be moving into your new house in the shortest time-frame possible.

Energy efficient eco-homes with modular pre-fab construction

Our architects and designers have created this range of energy smart 6+ HomestarTM rated house designs especially for Catalyst Homes. These house plans utilize modular European technology and pre-fabrication methodology to maximize dimensional accuracy, minimize building timelines and to get the most for your budget.

These house plans are ‘eco-houses’ in that they are specifically designed energy efficient homes that utilize best practice sustainable architecture to provide warm healthy homes to a wide range of Kiwi families.

Faster design and build so you can move in sooner

Our design and build process for our Ready-To-Build house plans is normally 6-8 months including all planning consents, permits, site works, construction and new home completion. In comparison many new home building companies will take a year to 18 months, which means a lot of extra rent and cost escalations to pay.

Because the majority of building structure is done in prefabricated modular components off-site, we can minimize on-site build time depending on the design and location.

Off site prefabricated construction means that the main components of your new house will be built under cover which means the wood stays dry and your building will be dimensionally accurate. Under cover construction also eliminates rain delays and minimizes the building time for your new home.

A warm home is priceless – and cheaper to run

The pre-constructed modules utilize European technology and Kiwi ingenuity to deliver thermal mass. This saves you money on two levels:

  1. The initial build is cost effective for the level of home you receive
  2. Ongoing energy costs will be minimized.

It is possible to build a very well insulated home and have low heating costs. However incorporating significant thermal mass in a home reduces this cost, and if the home is well designed and situated for passive solar gain, the heating and cooling costs can be virtually eliminated.

Good design will help regulate temperature all year round, with a warmer home in winter and passive cooling for the ideal temperature in summer too.

Clever house designs in a wide range of styles

While typically an energy smart, passive solar house has a range of features and functional elements to ensure the efficient performance of the home, this doesn’t limit our creativity.

The HomestarTM framework allows for a very wide range of house designs. A Catalyst Homes architect can deliver a home with the features you prioritize, while still incorporating the required energy efficiency components into the design of your new home plans.

More and more choice of house plans

Catalyst Homes will continue to develop more Ready-To-Build house designs as different energy requirements and technology solutions develop.

Want to get started today? Let’s talk about the Ready-To-Build house plan that suits you best!